The Peavy Family Foundation

Our Founder

Jake is an American professional baseball player born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. As a child, Jake was a natural athlete and good at every sport he played. While his father was remembered as a great baseball player in town, Jake’s true passion for the sport began after spending time with his grandfather, Blanche Peavy, who was still playing fast-pitch softball.

When Jake was ready for high school, his parents decided to send him to St. Paul’s Episcopal in Mobile. The school had a tremendous sports program, and clearly this would be their son’s path to a better life. St. Paul’s was a private school, so his parents took up a second job so they could afford the tuition.

Jake received a full ride from Auburn University, but chose not to attend so that he could instead enter into the Major Leagues. Throughout his career he has played for the San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants. He is a two-time World Series Champion, three-time All Star & winner of the NL Cy Young Award and pitching Triple Crown in 2007. Jake has four sons: Jacob, Wyatt, Judson, and Waylon and currently resides in Mobile, Alabama as a free agent.

Not only do the lessons taught by his grandfather fuel Jake in his efforts to give back to the community, his dedication to his family and his sons support that passion as well. This foundation is a platform for teaching his children and others on the importance of giving back. It is a prime example of how effort and commitment can create big change in areas where it’s needed the most.

Jake is much more than a baseball player, much more than a musician, he is a community leader who supports positive change and in doing so is helping to educate those around him on the power of encouragement, support and fostering growth.